Welcome to your first step to eliminating bad odours
in your home – OdorGone


100% biodegradable

100% safe for you, your children, your pets and the environment

Easy to use


Just 1 bottle of OdorGone 500 ml does the job
of ALL of these products put together… and more:

Air room freshener
Kerosene leak from boiler
Bathroom freshener
Bin deodoriser
Car freshener
Carpet freshener
Cat litter tray deodoriser
Cigarette odour remover
Essential oils and incense sticks
Fabric & upholstery freshener
Hand deodoriser
Pet Urine Odour remover
Trainer and shoe deodoriser

Now ask yourself: How much have you spent on the air freshening products
that are living in your kitchen cupboard and bathroom?



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While other products might cause these:

A cough immediately after using an air freshener, or get a slight headache, this may be a clue that the product you are using may not be good for your health.

With repeated use, you may experience migraines, as well as a whole host of health difficulties most people do not usually associate with their toxic household products.

Many air fresheners are notorious for being made up of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients. Not only do they smell awful, they also do not do the job of removing odours as you expect them to.

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