OdorGone is the Ultimate Odour Eliminator for Kerosene Leak from Boiler

Number of bottles

£12.00 for 500ml spray bottle + £2.79 P&P tracked myHermes courier

Kerosene Leak from Boiler

Kerosene leaks might create odour which is tough to cope with. Nothing difficult for OdorGone.

Clean up the spill if found in time. If not by now gravity has taken the smell to its lowest point.

In pointed tip squirt applicator, mix 1 part OdorGone to 3 parts water.
Apply freely to allow OdorGone to follow the path of the spill to get to the source and eliminate the odour.
Also, spray the OdorGone high in the air. Bad odours go up in the air, so spray as close to the ceiling as possible.
Where possible, after treatment, close doors and windows to allow the molecules to spread out within the confinement of the room.
Allow OdorGone to work overnight.
You should notice a significant improvement after the first treatment, although you may repeat several times.

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