OdorGone is the Ultimate Odour Neutraliser for YOU

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100% biodegradable

100% safe for you

£12.00 for 500ml spray bottle + £2.79 P&P tracked myHermes courier

Product Specification

OdorGone is a unique combination of the customised blend of biodegradable essential oils. OdorGone is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Each 500 ml bottle of OdorGone will give you approximately 700 pumps of spray.

The botanical fragrance is derived from a custom blend of natural essential extracts. There are no added perfumes to enhance the fragrance. It leaves behind a fresh, crisp and clean ambience.

OdorGone is not an air freshener. It is an odour neutraliser.
OdorGone neutralises bad odour particles. Air fresheners add their perfume scent to bad odours. They do not treat bad odours.

OdorGone is safe to use around children and pets.

You can’t buy OdorGone in shops. OdorGone can only be ordered from this website or eBay (ID Naturalhomemaker).

Shipping method

All orders will be despatched within 1 working day.
myHermes is a courier service that delivers within 3 to 5 working days.
You will receive an email so that you can track your order.

How do you use OdorGone?

If spraying directly onto an item, spray onto areas from about 4-6 inches away, and leave to dry.
If spraying odours in the air, spray as high up in the air as you can.
Like heat, bad odours rise in the air. OdorGone attacks airborne odours by forcing them down to the ground.

What Our Customers Say About OdorGone

It was brilliant thank you and the smell of the oil have completely disappeared.
I will definitely recommend it to friends.


OdorGone was very effective and got rid of the smell of oil from a household boiler after a couple of applications.


The product did remove the strong diesel odour from my van, the diesel had soaked right into the plywood in the rear and the carpet in the front, after numerous applications of the product the vehicle now smells good as new, fantastic product and well worth the money!


We have had a diesel fuel spillage in the boot of the car and I wanted to eliminate the smell and this was recommended.
The OdorGone seems to have done the trick in the car boot and I’m now trying it out in other places around the house!


OdorGone spray is brilliant. We’ve got 2 dogs, very smelly. We used it on the younger one’s bed.
It took the smell away. From what we can tell so far, it’s very very good and we recommend it to anybody who needs to get rid of dog smells and probably other smells too.


I have managed to successfully remove the urine odour from my home, and litter trays smell fresher.


OdorGone is Ultimate Odour Neutraliser for YOU

Number of bottles

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